A touch of rock n’roll, a drop of the bohemian, a pinch of glam and a great deal of chic are part of Stéfanie Renoma’s recipe”. Stéfanie Renoma comes from a dynasty of artists and designers, expresses herself primarily through fashion and photography, and as a recognised trend setter on social media. Her Parisian father, Maurice Renoma has dressed David Bowie, Andy Warhol, The Beatles, Yves Saint Laurent, Serge Gainsbourg, Eric Clapton, Salvador Dali, Karl Lagerfeld, Mick Jagger amongst others. The Renoma brand is particularly powerful among Asia’s top retailers. Audacious and irreverent, Stéfanie Renoma further develops the Renoma name for women with her passion for creating clothes that bring out their femininity by combining nightlife and rock n’roll codes with premium fabrics and cuts. Stéfanie holds a unique position in the fashion industry with affordable luxury clothing which is fashion forward yet based on iconic pieces. Her signature styles are the tuxedo and the biker jacket. Stéfanie is looking to extend her product portfolio and distribution through licensing on a global scale.


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