'A brand is a living entity - enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures'

Michael Eisner

Licensing Lifestyle Brands

The Partnership is a leading specialist in developing lifestyle brands through licensing.

We understand the uniqueness of each brand and enrich it by carefully creating and managing partnerships between brand owners, manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

We work with some of the world’s best-known international lifestyle brands – from fashion and interior design, to chefs and rock royalty; from heritage and art, to charity and sports.

Global Reach

We hold worldwide rights for 80% of our brands, managing thousands of products in nearly all business sectors and generating millions of pounds at retail.

We put our team’s director-level skills, connections and experience to work on your behalf, through our brand management system. We note market trends, we plan, design, innovate, inspire, provide legal, financial and marketing support - a holistic diversification operation.

We bring a special commitment, energy, and discipline to all our projects.

Come and meet us. We’d love to tell you more about what we do.


'Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful'

Richard Branson

The Partnership is in demand because we provide a licensing mechanism that a brand owner is unable to replicate internally. We are unusually successful because we:

  • strategically plan each brand diversification, using our team’s considerable lifestyle brand expertise
  • research faster and with more insight, with the unrivalled reach of our senior product specialists, choosing partners best-equipped in product development, distribution, marketing, and motivation 
  • negotiate best royalties and terms, through specialist industry knowledge
  • motivate the licensee to champion the brand 
  • deliver best, corner-stone new products  
  • provide direct retailer sell-in and trade-marketing at both buyer and senior retail levels
  • initiate and coordinate licensee activity through advertising, PR, promotions, exhibitions

We are a goal-driven, productive team, passionately committed to long-term, brand-building, licensing campaigns.

Come and meet us. We’d love to tell you more about what we do.

Here are what some of our clients say about us.

Laura Ashley

The Partnership’s team is sensitive to and indeed passionate about the need to produce quality product that enhances brand values… It is refreshing to be with a team that is so genuinely and personally committed, beyond usual business parameters.Sean Anglim, Head of Retail, Franchising and Licensing

Antony Worrall Thompson

The Partnership understand the need to create products that are different/special, they have wide experience in business development, are confident, enthusiastic, responsive, impeccably loyal and with high integrity. The Partnership has obtained royalty levels that are double that of industry norms… They are putting an energy into our properties that is beyond the call of ordinary business demands.Fiona Lindsay, Managing Director, Limelight Management

Monsoon and Accessorize

The Partnership’s interest is very much in lifestyle brands, and they are – from the company’s earlier research into competitor licensing agencies – unrivalled in this sector. They have proved themselves to be professional, diligent, pro-active and motivated – and also very nice people to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend The Partnership to any company considering a licensing campaign.Janet Martin, Head of Home and Licensing

21st Century Leaders – working with George Clooney, Claudia Schiffer, Ewan McGregor, Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Bob Geldof, Coldplay

The Partnership has proved unusually sensitive to the priorities of developing Whatever It Takes as an international cause-related licensing campaign. I give them my highest recommendation as an agency that builds licensing programmes effectively and with real integrity.

Charlotte di Vita, MBE, Director


I have found The Partnership to be a pro-active and resourceful operation with the reach and experience in the fashion world to win the highest potential revenues for a Licensor. Most importantly I trust them in their motivation – which is the care they take in selecting partners, developing the right product and protecting the long-term integrity of our brand. They are a leading lifestyle agency and I very much recommend The Partnership to any company involved in or considering licensing their brand. Anna Lee, Co-Owner

The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund

The Partnership has helped the Fund develop a sensitive and appropriate lifestyle brand through the management of an international licensing campaign which reflects the Princess’s values…The Fund has appreciated its warm relationship with The Partnership and has particularly valued its integrity, loyalty, motivation and efficiency.Dr Andrew Purkiss, Chief Executive

Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc

The company has introduced many UK and international deals, and shown itself to be a highly proactive and diligent agency, having built a substantial and successful team of licensees from a very low base...eight years ago. The Partnership is trusted by its Licensees and by Elvis Presley Enterprises as a partner that always does its best to achieve fruitful and solid business relationshipsCarol F Butler, Vice President, International Licensing